Tesla cars are beautiful cars, stunning in their absolute grandeur. I say grandeur because every single one of them is so utterly impressive. Indeed it’s easy to understand why Tesla admirers and enthusiasts wait months, possibly years for a particular model to launch into the market. And this without even mentioning their spectacular speed or their emission-less quality. All these factors add to Tesla’s value and appeal.

But here is something which I don’t fully understand. Who does Tesla appeal to? What is its target market?

Where Tesla Stands

Some people believe Tesla is a car company while others believe…

‘Romeo, where art thou Romeo?’ is a line voiced by Juliet, consisting of many interpretations. One is that Juliet is demanding to know where Romeo is,if he is late once again. The other one is presented by Linus van Pelt of Peanuts who said that it may be that Juliet is not calling Romeo, rather she is wondering why Romeo is called Romeo. In any case, regardless of the name preferences of Romeo’s parents let us dive deep into Romeo’s life and see how his parents fared as parents.

You see Romeo was a hormonal teenager raging with hormones. So…

Oh Leda, Leda, Leda called out old Zeus.

Who you may ask is Leda?

Well Leda, ladies and gentlemen, was a petite — presumably fair and beautiful — femme fatale who borne among the common folk of some nameless village, somewhere in good old-fashioned Greece.

Now villages are some of the most beautiful places, full of peace and tranquility. Nonetheless there is a limit to which you want peace and tranquility. This is because villages, even the ones in ancient Greece, have very little to talk about. Therefore to pass the time you need some form of amusement, a hobby…

Coincidences happen. We all know that. My two gmail accounts as well as my old, really cherished yahoo account were hacked, all around about the same time. Can you imagine?!

Google is huge. Due to the hacking of both my google accounts I was basically kicked off respectable sites like Duolingo, Pinterest, Linkedin, Matlab, and others. Not to mention I had quite a bit of trouble with the email address associated with my bank account. The problem is still unresolved.

However as we all understand that deletion is an excellent way to resolve these problems. Shortly before writing this I…

Photo by Free Birds on Unsplash

A picture is worth a thousand words. Throughout history, art has gone through many phases like Romanticism, Classicism and many other types of -isms. These are regarded as styles of painting of those periods. However if you think about it, from a modern perspective, these phases can be considered fads, although the more precise term would be trends, due to their longevity.

When we talk about art especially in modern times, we usually mean a wide variety of things. But art to the ancients was limited to a very few things. That is why it was exclusive. Initially it comprised…

There is a common belief among techies these days that with the arrival of AI and algorithms, professions such as those that of artists are becoming extinct. This is a misconception.

Art made by AI or algorithmic art is certainly beautiful, unique and in some cases, novel but it is still not capable of replacing traditional art.


Art Made By AI Is Derivative

Algorithmic art is always derivative. That’s not to say that the algorithms can’t produce exceptional and distinctive images.

Not in the least.

My personal favorite are the images produced by theDeep Artalgorithm.

When a person says ‘Algorithmic art is derivative’, he or…

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The 1929 recession was the triggering event which caused the Great Depression, lasting almost 12 years. One of the key causes of this recession was the surge in the stock market prices. From the big investors to the average person, from a banker to a cook, all had investments in the stock market.

There were other causes as well, of course, like absence of proper brokerage regulation guidelines, credit receivable guidelines etc. However this was one of the key causes. This consequently led to the skyrocketing of stock market prices, despite the shares’ actual value not being that much.


Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

These days with the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing once again and the popularity of Fiat money starting to wane, there’s a sense of belief that a new system of money should be adapted which not only incorporates all the new technologies and regulations which are now regular part of our everyday life, but also fills some of the gaps left by the previous system.

So the question we now have to ask is: what is money?

Money is a commodity used by everyone since time immemorial. However the form it has taken has varied over time, depending upon the various…

Yumna Sohail

“Trust me, I never lose. I either win, or learn.”

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